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In Support of Ben O'Glasser for Employment Relations Board

In light of the possible appointment of an anti-labor member to the Employment Relations Board, UFCW 555 is asking unions and other pro-labor stakeholders to instead support the appointment of Ben O'Glasser to the seat that traditionally leans toward management.

Please review the letter to Governor Kotek below and indicate if your organization is able to sign on and provide a logo.

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To Governor Kotek:


The undersigned organizations and individuals from Oregon’s labor community urge your appointment of Ben O’Glasser to the vacancy on Oregon’s Employment Relations Board.


In matters of jurisprudence, Mr. O’Glasser is known to be an affable and collegial presence in his role as a pro tem circuit court judge in Multnomah County.  He has built a reputation of having a sharp legal mind, a talent for clear and insightful writing, and a superbly professional demeanor.  Mr. O’Glasser brings a deep set of experience ranging from public sector adjudication and prosecution to Oregon public sector labor law, private sector labor law and employment discrimination law as well as general employment law.  In terms of experience and expertise, we feel that Mr. O’Glasser is an obvious choice.


Moreover though, it should be notable that Mr. O’Glasser has the support of so many voices within the labor community.  We recognize that the Employment Relations Board must function for all Oregonians, not merely a few select stakeholders.  While we do not commit to agree with all of Mr. O’Glasser’s rulings and opinions, we believe that his analysis and approach to the law is one of fairness, professionalism, and skill.


In a national political era marked with deep partisan divisions, allegations of judicial impropriety, and rank vilification of even minor disagreements, Oregon can set an example by raising up the sort of kindness, diligence, and commitment to intellectual honesty that have been hallmarks of Mr. O’Glasser’s career.


It is in this spirit that we collectively urge the appointment of Ben O’Glasser to the Employment Relations Board.  


Thank you,

American Federation of Teachers - Oregon



Oregon Nurses Association


Oregon School Employees Association

IBEW Local 48

Community Leader

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555

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