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Last June, Lawmakers declared an emergency and rushed through a bill (HB 2426) that eliminated Oregon’s attended gas service law, alowing service station owners to staff stations with a minimum of one single attendant!  


This has led to longer lines at many locations, safety issues, less accessible pumps, as well as a number of Oregonians suddenly out of work.

IP-52 would repeal this poorly thought-out law.

Help get IP-52 on the 2024 General Election ballot:


Print out this "e-sheet" petition form

  • It must be printed on regular white printer paper, with nothing on the back.

  • Only print for yourself or if someone asks you to print for them.

  • You can e-mail it to other people.


The text of the measure is printed on the e-sheet!


Sign and fill out the e-sheet

  • Sign the sheet similar to how you signed your voter registration.  (Can't remember what that looks like?  Use the signature on the back of your Driver License.)

  • Use the address where you receive your ballot.

  • Don't forget to add the date, along with your signature, printed name, and address.

Only registered voters may sign, so if you need to register or update your voter registration, you can do that online here:


Mail back the completed e-sheet (or sheets)

Mail the completed sheets to:

UFCW 555 Political Dept.

7095 SW Sandburg Street

Tigard, OR 97223

Yes, you can put multiple sheets in the same envelope!

Paid for by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555

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