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Printing Resources

UFCW 555 Printing Guidelines

In order to expedite your printing job and help serve as many campaigns as possible, UFCW 555 asks you to select between several different sizes and styles of printed materials.

Select a Size

Select one of the following options for the size of your piece. Your piece must meet the specifications of one of these options before it can be printed:

  • 12" x 18" (must provide 11.5 x 17.5 artwork)

  • 6" x 9" (must provide 5.5 x 8.5 artwork)

  • 6" x 6" (must provide 5.5 x 5.5 artwork)

  • 6" x 11" STANDARD MAILER (must provide 5.5 x 10.5 artwork)

  • 4.5" x 12" (must provide 4 x 11.5 artwork)

  • 4" x 9" (must provide 3.5 x 8.5 artwork)

  • 4" x 6" (must provide 3.5 x 5.5 artwork)

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Create and Submit Your Design

Make sure that your document size is set up to ”must provide”
size. For example, if you choose 6x9, make your document’s
canvas 5.5” x 8.5”.

Have a list of endorsements? Don’t forget UFCW 555!

When exporting your design:
• Export as PDF.
• Do not include crop marks, color bars, or registration marks.
• Ensure that your color mode is set to CMYK (not RGB).

Endorsed campaigns can submit printing job requests through the "Campaign Resources" button on their profile page.

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Political Team Approval

All print jobs need to be approved not only on the basis of the printing specs, but by the Political Team as well prior to printing.  Once you've submitted your print request and PDF through the "Campaign resources" part of your campaign profile, the Political Team will receive a notification and review your piece.

The Political Team will ensure that the piece is acceptable for printing, particularly:

  • Content must be generally aligned with UFCW 555's mission and agenda.

  • Content must not conflict with labor values.

  • If endorsements are shown, we generally require that you include UFCW 555's endorsement as well.

  • No negative or hit pieces (reasonable and fact-based comparison pieces are acceptable).

  • We will not print pieces with information we know to be untrue or misleading.

  • We will look for an appropriate required disclaimer, but the final responsibility for including the disclaimer (as well as all content) is yours.

Once approved by the Political Team, your materials and information will be forwarded on to the Printing Team.  If the Political Team determines that changes must be made, you will have an opportunity to revise your piece.

We Print!

We will add a 0.25” white border around your artwork, to ensure
fast and accurate printing.

We will also add our union bug so that your voters know you
support union labor. Have a preference on where? Let us know!
Otherwise we’ll add it where we think it looks best.

In order to ensure we are able to help as many endorsed
candidates as possible, please submit artwork at least 2 weeks
in advance of the intended drop date. Please be prepared to pick
up your finished pieces in a timely manner after printing.

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Download these instructions as a PDF:


Disclosure Rules for Oregon Campaigns

This information is meant to help non-federal Oregon campaigns understand the requirements and determine whether you are required to include disclaimers on your campaign communications.  This is purely advisory and is not considered legal advice, and UFCW 555 has no responsibility with regard to ensuring regulatory compliance of your campaign's printed collateral.

At the 2020 general election Oregon voters passed Measure 107 which amended the Oregon Constitution to allow for laws regulating disclosure on political campaign advertisements. This caused ORS 260.266 to take effect and the Secretary of State was made responsible for promulgating administrative rules and enforcement.  ORS 260.266 and OAR 165-012-0525 outline specific requirements of this law. The Elections Division’s website also contains information to help people comply with the laws and rules.



​​​​​Generally, communications supporting or opposing a clearly identified candidate must state the name of the person who paid for the communication, but some communications must also list the organization’s top contributors. ​There are some exceptions to this requirements which are outlined on the Secretary of State's website.   Some local governments may have additional requirements.

If you are required to list your committee name on a communication, you are also required to list your committee ID as registered in ORESTAR. For example, “Paid for By Friends of Jack Johnson (PAC #99999).”  

Civil Penalties & Enforcement 

Failure to include required disclosure information could result in a civil penalty of up to 150% of the total cost of printing, transmitting or distributing the communication. All organizations making political communications are encouraged to review the requirements before creating material for upcoming elections.


Miles Eshiaia

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be a union-printed piece?

Yes.  All staff involved in the printing of your piece are union members and your piece will have a UFCW555 indicator on it to establish that fact.

How many pieces can I request?

There is not a set limit, but we ask that campaigns do not ask for more than 10,000 pieces in any given week.  Even so, as Election Day grows near, staff will prioritize print jobs according to need and efficiency (so if you've already received tens of thousands of pieces, it's likely that a campaign that hasn't requested any pieces may take precedence.

Can you print my remit envelopes?

UFCW 555 does not print remit envelopes or die-cut pieces.

Can you help me with my design?

Yes.  Reach out directly to the printing staff with the contact information above, and they will assist you as best they can.  This may delay the printing of your piece, however.

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