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HB 3183: We support Cannabis Workers' Rights

In order to ensure worker safety and fair treatment in the workplace, OLCC-licensed cannabis businesses should recognize their employees' rights to organize.


House Bill 3183 would require that a cannabis business in Oregon adhere to a "labor peace agreement." These agreements are commonly used to ensure that employers respect the ability of workers to make their own informed decision on unionization. In return, the union attempting to organize that workplace agrees to refrain from picketing, work stoppages, or any other interference with the business.

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To the Oregon Legislature:

The undersigned urge your support of House Bill 3183, which will help to ensure that workers in the cannabis industry will be able to make their own informed decision as to whether to join a union, without undue influence. The bill would require employers and labor unions to come to agreement about not interfering with each others' efforts and let workers make up their own minds about unionizing.

Cannabis workers — and particularly workers of color — are often subject to harmful practices inflicted on nonunionized workers in other industries: low wages, few workplace benefits, unprotected statuses as contract workers, and erratic scheduling. In the face of these challenges, it is more important now that they have a voice in their workplace.

As Oregon's cannabis industry expands, we need to ensure that the jobs that are created are the kind of jobs we want for our workforce. Protecting unionizing rights is the best way to do that! A number of other states, including California, New York, and New Jersey, have implemented similar requirements to significant success.

Pass HB 3183 to help develop cannabis jobs into the kind of jobs we need in Oregon.

Thank you,

Dennis Cox


Sarah Curtis

Vice President, AFSCME Local 328

Mike McLaren

Safeway Bakery

Tony Ruiz

Lead Organizer, IBEW

Dean Moberg


Dr. Rosa Colquitt

Researcher, Oregon health research services

Michelle Jacobs


Mike McLaren

Safeway bakery

Anna Sage


David Tully

Michael downes

Pcp, occasionall campaign volunteer

Martin Kilbourne


Martita Meier

Chair, Washington County Democrats