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Save the Public Banking Task Force!

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On Friday, July 28th, Governor Kotek announced that HB 2673, which would establish a taskforce to study the formation of a public bank, was on her shortlist for a veto.


Public banks can fund infrastructure, affordable housing, and other public projects at lower interest rates and with lower fees than conventional Wall Street financiers, saving as much as 40%—50% over the life of a 30-year bond. Additionally, interest, fees, and profits go back to the public bank itself, which provides a new form of public revenue without raising taxes. They can offer better rates for underbanked and rural communities via small agriculture and small business loans, as well as funding infrastructure that private banks refuse to capitalize.


Oregon can't afford to wait. We must act swiftly and decisively to show how much support we have across the state for this task force. Tell Governor Kotek to save the Public Banking Task Force and invest in an economicaly resilient and equitable Oregon!


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