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HB 2556: Support Transparent Paychecks

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Keep in mind that whatever you send may become a public record (except that your email address is protected per ORS 192.355, subsection 40).  You do not have to use your full name.  If you would like a response from your officials, an accurate e-mail address is necessary.

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What’s it do?

Requires that itemized statements provided to employees explain, in plain language, amount and purpose of each deduction


Why does it matter?

It will make paystubs easier to read, so that employees can understand their paystubs and address incorrect deductions.


Edit the template or write your own message and click "send," and UFCW 555 will submit your note as testimony in support of HB 2556 on your behalf.


Please use discretion with your personal information in written testimony. DO NOT include personal information that you do not want displayed to the public. All meeting materials, including your name and any personal information contained in the submitted form, except for your email, are posted to OLIS and are accessible to all major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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