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ACTION NEEDED: Coos County attacks vote by mail and others

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Coos County Commissioners are meeting at 9:30 am TUESDAY (2/20/24) to vote to add the following local ballot measures to their ballot:


  • Caption: Do Coos County voters want election reforms to increase accountability? Question: Should voting be in person, on one day, with ID, on paper ballots, hand counted, with provisions for absentee & disabled?
  • Caption: Advisory vote on method of determining county clerk. Question: To centralize accountability, should the County Clerk be appointed by the Commissioners, rather than by popular vote?
  • Caption: Advisory vote on Educational Choice for Children. Question: Should Coos County take an active role to implement "Money Follows the Child," school choice in Oregon?
  • Caption: Advisory Vote on offshore floating wind farm off Coos County. Question: Should Coos County oppose installation of a 61,000 acre floating wind farm off our coast in 2000 foot deep water?


The fact of the matter is the county itself doesn't have the authority to make the above changes unilaterally, but this is the start of a coordinated effort to put anti-progressive issues on local ballots. Our goal is to show them we are watching and to try and stop these attacks before they gain momentum.


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